Day Camp has finished its final registration. The last week of sessions is 3/22-3/26. Questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to email us at or call us at (619) 669-6498.

How do I register?

Go to to make a profile and sign your campers up for Day Camp. Choose the week or weeks that work best for you and your budget. Register here! Having difficulty registering? Email us: or call us at (619) 669-6498 for help

When does registration end?

Registration ends the Sunday before sessions begin, but the more advance notice we get the better the experience will be for your student. It will help us better prepare for staff and student logistics, giving a more efficient and smoother experience overall. Register here! Having difficulty registering? Email us: or call us at (619) 669-6498 for help!

When does Day Camp start?

8am is the standard start time for our Day Camp sessions, but this will depend on your student's schedule needs. New sessions start the Monday of every week, with early check in available for those who need their students here before 7:30am. Be sure to register as far in advance as you can, as this ensures that we have the appropriate staff and logistical needs to operate as smoothly and effectively as possible. Register here! Having difficulty registering? Email us: or call us at (619) 669-6498 for help!

What time is check-in?

Campers can begin checking in at 8am on Mondays. If you registered for early drop-off, check-in begins at 7am.

What time is check out?

Camper check-out ends at 4:30pm every evening, so be sure to have your authorized adult pick them up. If you registered for a late pickup, check-out finishes at 6pm. Register here! Having difficulty registering? Email us: or call us at (619) 669-6498 for help!

What should my camper bring to Day Camp?

What to bring: ☐ His/Her backpack with: ☐ School supplies ☐ Computer (for class time) ☐ Homework ☐ A change of clothes (for swimming) ☐ A towel ☐ Closed-toed shoes suitable for being outside ☐ A hat (it's can get hot and sunny at camp) ☐ Sunscreen ☐ Lunch ☐ Any snacks (there will be store time available Tuesdays and Fridays) What NOT to Bring: ☐ Expensive items such as designer clothing, toys, electronic games, etc. ☐ Gum or Messy snacks ☐ Pocket knives, weapons, etc.

Do you have a camp nurse on-site?

We do have an RN on-site during summer camp who can administer first aid treatment and medications while your camper is here. All medications need to be in original packaging and must be prescription or accompanied by a doctor’s note. Our nurses will not dispense vitamins or essential oils.

Can my camper call home?

Campers can call their parents at almost any time. If there isn’t any cell service, we’ll make arrangements so they can contact you. Additionally, parents can get in touch with their campers at any time via calls, texts, or emails. We would ask that you treat the day much like school, taking into account how your calls and contact may hinder their busyness and ability to finish their needed tasks. Their counselors and staff will relay messages as needed every day. In the event of an emergency, parents will always be notified of any information regarding their camper(s).

What activities will my camper take part in?

We have a specific time set aside for classes. But for enrichment activities, we have lots for them to enjoy. Click here to see what Day Camp has to offer.

How is my camper staying safe at camp?

Day Camp is adhering to CDC recommendations and state and county guidelines for cleaning, social distancing, and mask wearing. Additionally, we're focusing on health checks through temperature checks and individual health interviews. Additionally, we're organizing campers into groups of 12 or less we call Tribes. They'll do everything in the day with their Tribe: class time, homework study, and activities. For more information, click here to see our requirements and protocols for all staff and campers at camp.

How do Day Camp staff help my campers with their schooling?

While requirements and guidelines are still not standardized, our focus at Day Camp is to support your camper in everything he or she will need. Your camper will be a part of a Tribe, a group of 12 or less that will remain in the same group for the entire week. Tribes will be on rotataions throughout the day, with a few of them being dedicated study times, as well as further homework help and tutoring support to give them the best chance in meeting their educational goals. Our staff have extensive experience as tutors, after-school leaders, and homework helpers.

When does Day Camp happen?

New Day Camp sessions start each Monday unless there is a school holiday. Register here!
Having difficulty registering? Email us: or call us at (619) 669-6498 for help!

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